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A MUST have component of an enterprise's security strategy

In-Network Threat Detection Is Critical

206 Days To Detect A Data Breach

US companies took an average of 206 days to detect a data breach in 2019.

55 Days To Contain Breaches

Breaches took on average 55 days to contain in 2019.

$5.87M Average Cost To Resolve

Breaches that took less than 30 days to contain still had an average cost to the enterprise of $5.87M in 2019.


Introducing Cyber adAPT

The Cyber adAPT NTD (Network Threat Detection) platform provides immediate, automated and contextual information that categorizes the risk and urgency of the threat. With comprehensive visibility combined with speed-to-detection, enterprises are able to identify threats and respond immediately to effectively and efficiently remediate attacks before damage occurs.




The Threats are Real

Hackers compromise an enterprise’s computer network every 39 seconds. Ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2019, crippling businesses, health care organizations and government entities. According to Inspired eLearning, 73% of hackers say that traditional firewall and endpoint detection alone do not provide a sufficient level of protection.

Cyber adAPT NTD Enhances Cybersecurity Posture

The best way to protect against modern-day attacks is to detect them when they first appear within the network. Cyber adAPT NTD specializes in identifying, contextualizing, prioritizing and providing actionable alerts of malicious activity to an enterprise before it does harm.


Cyber adAPT Network Threat Detection Defined

Knowing when a breach occurs is key to the security and protection of an enterprise's data, privacy and regulatory compliance.

Technology At-a-Glance

The Cyber adAPT NTD works transparently with other technologies found in a layered security solution, strengthening existing security portfolios. Additionally, working in conjunction with a cloud-based environment, the Cyber adAPT NTD provides threat intel and machine learning for further analysis and secondary alarm generation.

These Capabilities Include:

Immediate threat detection

Automated actionable alarm notifications

Ease of installation

Scales to all network sizes and configurations

Network metadata analysis

Custom threat intelligence detection

Unique sources of threat intel

Cloud-based AI and Machine Learning

Full packet capture


To request a demo, please call +1 888.666.3001

The Cyber adAPT NTD — The Basics

Who Is Cyber adAPT?

Provides  detection, analysis, and prioritization of threats by looking at all available network traffic leveraging multiple layers of behaviors and pattern analysis.

CYBER ADAPT NTD - Automated Advanced Network Threat Detection

Enhancing Your Security Posture

The Cyber adAPT NTD enhances enterprise cybersecurity infrastructure, giving deeper insight into attacks as they begin. Seamlessly integrates with SIEMs, firewalls and other security elements to ensure clear visibility and central management.

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