skwiid Mobile

Need to securely enable your mobile workforce with secure communications and constant threat detection?

Skwiid Mobile is a unique solution for smart devices and laptops. It empowers mobile users to access business systems from anywhere as securely as a desktop on the office LAN.  Skwiid Mobile is the only solution that encrypts all mobile network traffic and finds attack-indicators in traffic packets before they can do harm.

Unique benefits

  • Most hardened data encryption available
  • Completely invisible to the user
  • Man-in-the-middle risk eliminated
  • Attribution of users and devices involved


  • Mobile users are more productive with exceptional experience
  • Be alerted to a breach immediately and how to contain it
  • Guaranteed attribution will pinpoint any user and device, involved in a compromise
  • No unnecessary log-ins or perceptible impact to latency or battery life
  • Highest possible data encryption with nested VPN’s supported
*skwiid Mobile integrates with any mainstream MDM solution or ships with its own

A powerful platform protecting every segment of your network

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