skwiid In-Network

Want to find attacks that may have already breached your perimeter?

skwiid In-Network probes are installed inside the backbone of your network and monitor all traffic in real-time for potential threats. skwiid In-Network senses attacks in the shortest amount of time identifying human and machine threats with the highest precision.

Unique benefits

  • Finds attacks other solutions miss
  • Real time analytics detect attacks in seconds
  • Prioritized alarms guide your remediation steps


  • Patented system of network monitoring and analytics
  • User-Behavior and Malware activity constantly monitored at the network packet level
  • Highly scalable ensuring ZERO impact on network performance
  • Massive data compression ensures important events are recorded and retained for long periods of time
  • The most up-to-date detection logic from our Research Lab is automatically available to the platform

A powerful platform protecting every segment of your network

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