Find attacks that no other solution will.

Detect malicious activity anywhere on your digital network

Apply threat intelligence to every traffic packet

Secure your business for the jump to digital transformation


You have likely already been compromised, or soon will be, and the impact may be catastrophic. You need a solution that will find human and machine attackers as soon as they breach or circumvent the perimeter – that means up-to-the minute threat intelligence and real–time analytics.

Our network has never been more transparent nor in control of all devices and all activity, 24/7. Cyber adAPT gave me the visibility I needed and the confidence the Board required to approve additional security measures.
– CIO/CISO, Financial Services Company

skwiid analyzes network traffic from every corner of your enterprise, delivering a single view of threat-indicators onto a central pane of glass. By inspecting streams of network packets in real-time, skwiid’s threat correlation engine finds attacks that have gone otherwise unnoticed.

Unique benefits:

  • Fastest possible warning of attacks in-flight
  • Highest degree of confidence the attack is “real”
  • Isolate breaches automatically before they spread
  • Applied threat intelligence finds more attacks
  • Immediate deployment and protection

This threat-centric approach is key to success

Our specialized Applied Research team are dedicated to acquiring and deploying the most advanced and relevant detection logic to our customers. As we identify more genuine indicators of threats, we update skwiid’s correlation capabilities automatically keeping our customers ahead of the attacker.

How does threat intelligence drive our platform? Find Out More

Our Customers have found nation state actors down to the more common criminals that have evaded the perimeter – often within an hour of plugging in the solution
– Scott Millis CTO


  • Instant illumination of attacks with prioritized alarms
  • Unique threat-centric detection leverages global intelligence sources
  • Saves security analyst time and costs of outdated technology
  • Regular updates keep you hunting the newest attack tactics
  • Clear instructions and forensics help you mitigate any attack
  • Prioritized alarms ensure only key events require intervention
  • Automated rules drive isolating actions protecting your business


  • Patented system of traffic sensors and analytics technology
  • Machine learning tunes the fidelity of detection to your environment
  • 100GB with a single appliance, guaranteed
  • No dropped packets and no network performance degradation
  • High availability on-premise and in the cloud

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