How Do We Deliver Secure Mobile Networks?

Cyber adAPT is a unique platform built to secure mobile devices, detect malicious activity and stop attacks dead in their tracks.

Smartphones and BYOD (bring your own device) are having an unprecedented effect on corporate security. Wherever they are, and whatever device they are operating on, employees are demanding access to sensitive data on their mobile devices. This behavior is redefining ‘the network perimeter’ and creating a security conundrum for businesses that want to mobilize their workforce.

As this dependency on constant connectivity increases, the more at risk we become – both personally and professionally. Our data can literally be snatched out of thin air anytime we plug into public USB ports, join public Wi-Fi, or click on an unknown link. Private emails, banking credentials, confidential information … can all be compromised in seconds.

Despite this, most mobile devices are not secure. Ovum reports that 70% of professional mobile devices have NO security functionality. And if they do claim to be secure, devices are relying on the security measures of sites and services they access – or even an SSL encryption that is easy to intercept.

The Cyber adAPT platform was built to secure mobile devices and the networks that power them, detecting malicious activity across all network traffic.

Some avoid mobile security due to the perception of battery drain, unnecessary log-in’s, blocked access to functions, delays and reboots. But Cyber adAPT is invisible, always-on and tamperproof. The performance of the device is exactly what the user expects; with the protection they need.

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