Securely Enabling Mobile Advisors in a Complex Distribution Model

Finance: A hyper-connected, regulated world

In the complex world of financial services, both money and sensitive data are transmitted daily between many actors. One financial services organization and its CISO were seeking visibility, insight, and empowerment – on top of advanced security.

They needed to enable a secure mobile experience for hundreds of independent financial partners and tens of thousands of clients. They recognized that most technology solutions were not designed for the challenging mobile needs of their business. They wanted to provide a seamless user experience supported by a proven, hardened VPN so that communication of confidential material was absolutely secure. They were looking for a solution that would detect advanced attacks – even unusual, suspicious behavior that has no signature but may indicate a breach from the inside or out.

After identifying the necessary baseline tools, the CISO concluded he would need at tool that:

  • Gives visibility into all activity on the network
  • Provides actionable information on attacks
  • Is usable by non-security personnel
  • Provides the best possible mobile user experience
  • Requires minimal care and feeding
  • Delivers a trustworthy vendor focused on relationship

skwiid by Cyber adAPT was able to fulfull the CISOs evaluation criteria for Advanced Threat Management (ATM) solutions. The platform provided an appliance based option with data stored onsite, unique and innovative algorithms, strong referrals, an existing trust relationship, an easy to use interface, and strong customer support.

  • Visibility: Ability to respond to more real attacks rather than wasting time
  • Insight: Team was able to prioritize alarms based on configurable rankings
  • Experience: Advisors had more powerful data access and reported higher user experience
  • Support: Knowledgeable and available support team round the clock for reviews


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