Ovum Research: Continuous Threat Visibility and Cyber Management Services

This report uses Ovum forecasts and the Ovum ICT Enterprise Insights survey, which gathers information from more than 6,000 senior business respondents, to highlight the extent of the security problems that need to be addressed. It also draws on the experiences of selected CISOs and security managers, revealing their opinions on the state of business security, their readiness to deal with current and future threats, and their views on the range of analytics-based security products and services available to them.

Key messages

  • Security teams continue to use last-generation detection tools to address next-generation problems.
  • Cybersecurity spending continues to rise, but the expected benefits are failing to materialize.
  • Security managers must now deal with an ever-changing threat landscape.
  • Most CISOs have already outsourced some of their security services and, due to the security skills gap, are looking to do more with trusted MSSPs.


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