Secure Device Management (SDM)
Our customers are more resistant to attacks

Mobile computing is collapsing the enterprise network core and changing the attack surface. The notion of a “borderless network” is becoming the norm as we increasingly leverage our mobile devices and remote workstations to access cloud based applications and Infrastructure as a Service.

  • Deployed in seconds, delivers exceptional user experience so security no longer requires effort
  • Advanced IP Sec, 256 bit encrypted VPN eradicates the risk of the majority of attacks
  • Certificate-based authentication ensures you control precisely which services each user and device can access

The massive explosion of BYOD in mobility forces trade-offs between security needs and access to data. Most vendors rely on VPNs, that have been poorly retrofitted for mobile, and tokens to provide remote and mobile access. These are often manual processes that are difficult or inconvenient for the end user.

Cyber adAPT Secure Device Management (SDM) delivers a seamless blend of usability and security that also allows unprecedented secure ease of access to the information users need anywhere and anytime.

An impressive suite of products to defend mobile devices, their users, and their users’ organizations. It has identified a gap in the security market and provided a product to meet this need.
– Ovum, Datamonitor Group

Secure mobile enablement that takes you past mobile device management (MDM)

 MobileIronAirWatchCyber adAPT
Device compliance policy management
Eliminate most threat risks with hardened IPSec VPN
Delivers user privacy alongside network security and compliance
Ensure policy-adherence with tamper resistant technology
Prevent data leakage, control access to cloud storage (e.g. dropbox)
Track all user activity with PKI certificate authentication
Network-level security and control for all devices

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