Threat Detection
Our customers discover attacks faster

Most detection systems leverage statistical baselines or sandbox created signatures. These approaches used alone provide information without context and are prone to false alarms. You don’t have time to waste chasing down questionable signatures or unexpected network activity caused by legitimate business emergencies.

Cyber adAPT Detection looks inside the packets and predicts the intent of a command based upon traffic threads or recent activities. We use contextual validating sources, such as threat intelligence and behavior anomaly analysis, to deliver extremely accurate and actionable alarms.

  • Analysis of network traffic behavior, signatures and tactical threat intelligence provides high fidelity attack identification
  • 100% of raw mobile traffic is attributable, enabling automatic remediation of devices
  • Patented system of detection sensors and correlation analytics ensures vast scale and speed

Cyber adAPT PLUS delivers intelligent, post-compromise forensics by integrating research support with Cyber adAPT’s best-in-class, real-time detection solution. Efficient, low cost, scalable storage and unique data reduction technology combine to enable the long-term collection of historic raw network traffic packets.

With forensic data at their fingertips, security professionals can effectively investigate and respond to the inevitable attacks that consistently evade perimeter defenses.

Mobile traffic detection and forensics

Cyber adAPT Detection and Cyber adAPT PLUS provide unprecedented visibility into threats in the mobile-enabled network. No other platform leverages machine learning for real-time traffic analysis to protect and defend the modern, seemingly borderless, network. Not only does Cyber adAPT SDM protect your mobile assets, it also watches all your network traffic to identify the attacker that got through your perimeter and maintains a record of network activity for in-depth investigative resources. The Cyber adAPT platform is the only solution on the market that protects, detects and remediates in your mobile-enabled network.

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