Cyber adAPT secures your
mobile-enabled enterprise


the vast majority of attacks through your mobile perimeter

Certificate based authentication and IP Sec secure, encrypted communication provide the highest possible security for data in motion


attacks that breach the perimeter fast

Scanning network traffic in real time for malicious activity and malware provides the ultimate visibility of attacks of all kinds


isolates the attack before damage occurs

Configurable rules drive precise remediation actions to any device in real time and alert security teams only to critical incidents

The expansion of mobile computing in business has created an unprecedented ease of access to data anytime anywhere. It has also changed the face, design and management of information technology and communications systems. The acceptance of mobile platforms in the workplace has been faster than security tools and policy has been able to keep up.

The “network core” is quickly becoming nothing more than a data crossroads linking mobile devices with cloud based applications and storage. Information technology is becoming point-to-point communications and security is focusing on data-in-motion. The promiscuity of mobile computing has forced data networking perimeters to become dynamically and constantly redefined. The expansion of SaaS and IaaS has shrunk the network core to a pinprick on a network map.

The Cyber adAPT platform is the only one on the market which protects your data in-motion and at-rest, detects malicious activity while it’s happening and automatically isolates mobile devices before they compromise your most valuable business assets.


Cyber adAPT detects malicious activity in real-time. It isolates mobile devices before they can compromise your business

Unique combination of capabilities – all referenceable and demonstrable today

  • Deployed in seconds, the user experience is exceptional and security no longer requires effort
  • IP SEC hardened VPN eradicates risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. (Scores highest in Gartners recent report…)
  • Certificate-based authentication ensures you control precisely which services each user and device can access.
  • Delivered by a patented system of mobile network detection sensors and correlation analytics
  • 100% of raw mobile traffic is visible and attributable, enabling real-time threat detection
  • Malware discovery, threat intelligence and network behavior are correlated to detect even the most sophisticated attack (including zero-day)
  • Configurable rules drive precise auto-remediation actions to any device in real time
  • Security teams are then alerted only to critical, manual response tasks saving wasted time
  • Clear incident detail provided to security professionals to allow faster investigation

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