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Are you equipped to enable the enterprise mobility demands of your clients?

Many organizations have reached the limits of MDM – Calendars, Contacts and Emails are not enough to power the mobile-first workforce. VPNs built for static users with SSL are frustrating users proving attractive points of entry for attackers.

Our solutions have broken new ground in mobile security and if you have industry operational expertise and security pedigree you should read more about our ELITE program.

image1-(3)-(1)_Fotor13As one of the most competitive and fastest growing IT contractors to the federal government, our clients are amongst the most actively targeted in the world. By adding the deployment and support of Cyber adAPT solutions to our mature cyber practice, we provide the most comprehensive defense for remote and mobile operations.”
– STOPSO Director, Steve Chong

Our partners have seen significant revenue increases within weeks of joining the Cyber adAPT ELITE partner program. Sales cycles can be less than a month and generate tiered annuity revenue alongside specialist service income for the partner.

This is not just another security product – this is the only security product you should feel comfortable/confident providing your clients.

 Cyber adAPT’s ELITE partner program delivers:

  • Distinct technological advantages over all competitors (customer and analyst validated)
  • Drives significant value to your bottom line
  • SaaS and on-premises deployment options
  • Extensive training and support
  • Deal registration and selective enrolment
  • Access to marketing support and shared investments
  • Benefits from vertical growth traction

jasonOur ELITE partners have trusted relationships and deep domain expertise in industries and use cases. Cyber adAPT is providing them with the most advanced integrated platform to tackle the fastest growing threats. Our partners are key to helping steer our roadmap and expand our business and we are dedicated to their success.
– Cyber adAPT SVP, Jason Lundy

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