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This is the problem that Cyber adAPT is attempting to tackle. Its ongoing mission is to secure devices remote to the core network as robustly as a networked desktop PC or laptop device. The company recognizes that it is critical to do this by placing user mobility at the center of the solution.”


Ovum’s ‘On The Radar’ Report exposes the inadequate level of mobile device protection offered by most mainstream endpoint security providers. The steady rise of mobile business and BYOD usage leaves a wide open door for cybercriminals to happily make use of. The report highlights how businesses must urgently prioritize securing user mobility outside the traditional perimeter.

With 62% of business respondents using two or more mobile devices for work on a daily basis and less than 30% having any device management or security functionality on those devices, there is no shortage of threat to today’s organization.

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Ovum Analyst, Andrew Kellett: andy-kellett-150x150

This report shows that we are waking up to a new work-life paradigm, and one that isn’t well enough supported by yesterday’s notions of security.  People expect to be highly connected, with unrestricted access to business systems and this is the new challenge for security platform vendors.”

What can businesses do?

“It is essential that businesses embrace security outside of the traditional perimeter, rather than treat it as an extension of a Windows-first endpoint protection strategy.” – Ovum

Ovum’s report speaks to the Cyber adAPT platform as a solution to the growing demand for heightened mobile security: “… this new, and far from the norm, approach to device and business protection adds the security layer that is often missing from enterprise mobility management (EMM) deployments.”

Research Highlights: 

  • 41% of respondents use three or more mobile devices for work daily, which highlights the scale of the problem and the threat-opportunity it presents. Further emphasizing the threat that mobile device usage represents.
  • Less than 30% of employees, who use personal devices for work, have had any kind of EMM or security software installed on their devices.
  • 60% of employees use at least one of their own mobile devices to access corporate data; 47% use their own smartphone; 25 percent their own tablet.
  • 8% are now experimenting with wearables, as wearable technology is said to help them keep up to date with work-related issues.

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