146 days to detect cyber intrusion

The average time to detect a cyber intrusion in 2017 was 146 days! You cannot afford to wait.

50 days to resolve malicious insider

The average time to find, stop and resolve a malicious insider is 50 days! If you can't see them, you can't stop them.

23 days to resolve ransomware

The average time to resolve ransomware in 2017 was 23 days! Losing critical functionality will kill your business.

Introducing skwiid® by Cyber adAPT

Entirely focused and dedicated to Network threat detection to secure the enterprise as part of a comprehensive security strategy with skwiid® finding more attacks faster than all other approaches.

We monitor 100% of your network traffic in real-time

Over 80% of our customers find actionable threats within 72 hours

Why skwiid® from Cyber adAPT

Patented technology

Consistently finding threats that others don’t

Automatically and quickly detect threats

Finding threats that have evaded perimeter defenses

Experienced development team

Decades of cyber security experience

Industry Leading Research Team

Using unique Intellectual Property to find, analyze, and identify the latest attacks updating our systems in the field daily.

Simple, non-intrusive, highly scalable, low cost installation

With a variety of deployment and professional service options

Subscription based pricing model

Cost effectively delivers cyber security as a service to any size enterprise
Cyber adAPT Network Threat Detection Diagram 1

Key Components to skwiid® by Cyber adAPT

1) Probe: Real-time, passive device that monitors 100% of your network traffic

2) Collector: Hosted in Cyber adAPT's Cloud collecting and collating alerts from all probes providing you with a single view of all threat indicators.

3) GUI/API: Single point of management with multiple options for viewing threats

4) Professional Services: Our Team provides training, monitoring, incident notification and investigative support when your network is threatened.

Find out immediately if your network is compromised. Call now +1 888.666.3001

Real Customer Experiences

  • Defunct websites still running
  • Access from malicious state actors
  • Identified misconfiguration of firewalls
  • Caught 3rd party pen testing / vulnerability scanning
  • Wealth Management Industry Leader - Cyber adAPT Customer

  • 18 threats in 3 weeks
  • 4 major active exploits in first day
  • Threat using JavaScript obfuscation to avoid IDS systems
  • Multiple successful exploits discovered
  • Insurance Agency Leader - Cyber adAPT Customer

    Who is Cyber adAPT?

    skwiid® Capabilities Matrix

    # Critical Capabilities skwiid®
    1 Real-Time Network Traffic Analysis
    2 Protocol and Application Traffic Analysis
    3 Net Forensics (Full Packet and Metadata Capture)
    4 Behavior Correlation Detection
    5 Integrated 3rd Party Intelligence
    6 Customizable Asset Risk Profiles
    7 Legacy Signature based malware detection
    8 Automated Clear and Actionable Alarms
    9 No Required Services for alarm Interpretation
    10 Statistical Traffic Baseline Not Required