Smartphones and BYOD are having an unprecedented effect on corporate security. Wherever they are, and whatever device they are operating on, employees are demanding access to sensitive data. This behavior is redefining ‘the network perimeter’ and creating a security conundrum for businesses that want to mobilize their workforce.

At Cyber adAPT we tackle these challenges head on, with tools that enable and protect the mobile-first business generation.

Our goal is to seamlessly and securely enable the new hyper-connected, decentralized enterprise.

  • Seamless: because end-users should not get delayed or frustrated in any way
  • Secure: because it must prevent most attacks and detect all others before they cause harm

We provide an integrated platform that secures the operation and communication of each device, essentially preventing most attacks from ever happening. Secure Device Management.

Then, every network packet is examined in real time, allowing for the detection of malware and user behaviours that need to be immediately examined. We have a team of research experts and partners who ensure we can identify more relevant attacks more quickly. Cyber adAPT Detection.

Finally, we pinpoint exactly which users and devices have played a part in the attack. And we respond by quarantining or completely wiping the device.

The team

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