Without a trashed hotel room ever being reported to HR, skinny jeans worn to a client meeting, or providing free Quinoa-Fridays – we have achieved something ‘cool’ as a business this week.

Each year, the largest analyst firm on the planet, Gartner, identifies new Cool Vendors considered innovative or transformative in key technology areas and publishes a series of research reports.

A focus this year is on IoT and one of the recommendations from John Girard at Gartner is to:

“Restructure existing IT and OT security practices to incorporate specific IoT security differences in governance and architecture, along with technology scale, diversity, function and data flows exhibited by IoT systems.”

There is no shortage of research and news in the public domain now pointing to the threat that IoT brings.  An article last week in CMO.com summarizes the gain and the pain.

As IoT is becoming more mainstream for businesses, we are building out our threat intelligence and detection capabilities so that enterprises can introduce advanced use cases, securely. For us, IoT is all a part of the digital enterprise.  Like mobile and cloud for example, IoT has its uniqueness’s but the common thread is that for attacks to do real harm they will leverage the networks that connect them, so visibility and threat detection are key.

  • “Cyber adAPT’s approach represents a notable response to the vulnerability of systems with unmanaged credentials.”
  • “The solution includes continuous role-based access to cameras, user and device authentication, VPN-restricted camera connections, network traffic analysis, and firewalling.”

We are all excited about Gartner’s accolade but remain firmly grounded – IoT is just in its infancy, and anybody claiming to have security totally cracked for this diverse technology sector is far from cool.

Embracing the diversity and rampant change though, understanding the risk context of devices and applying threat intelligence to IoT traffic is a bit like a pyrotechnic AC/DC opener.

Read the full report here (subscription required).

Be cool.


Cyber adAPT Analyst Highlights:

  • Ranked 2nd in Gartner’s ‘High-Security Mobility Management’ report1
  • Highest score for ‘Hardened VPN’ from Gartner (higher than Blackberry, IBM and Check Point)
  • Gartner’s top 5 ‘Government Grade’ use case for High-Security Mobility3
  • One of 5 vendors globally to cover all 4 categories of Mobile Threat Defense2
  • Top 5 supplier for the interconnected Cloud ‘Shared Services’ use case4


1 Non Employee use cases from Gartner Capability Assessment for High-Security Mobile. Aug 2016

2 Gartner: Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions July 2016

3 Government Grade use cases from Gartner Capability Assessment for High-Security Mobile. Aug 2016

4 Shared Services/Cloud use cases from Gartner Capability Assessment for High-Security Mobile. 2016

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