CRN recently highlighted our ELITE Partner Program as a must-know in 2016 . . . and I am flattered they chose my mug as the featured image. Although, truth be told, ELITE is much more than us ‘rolling out the red carpet’ for our partners.

Our partners have witnessed first-hand:

  • The power of a holistic mobile security solution and what it can bring to clients in terms of device protection, time savings, return on investment, network visibility, and most importantly – peace of mind.
  • The benefits of an ever expanding and geographically diverse business community.
  • The emergence of an extremely high tech generation, driving the need for a new mobile-centric security approach across all industries, within all enterprises.

Cyber adAPT is providing an immediate solution to the increasingly urgent call for comprehensive security and the need to secure and detect threats on devices outside of the physical network.

Gartner is recognizing high-security mobility management solutions and we’re thrilled that they’ve ranked Cyber adAPT SDM higher than IBM, Check Point, Sophos, and others for ‘Hardened VPN’.

We’re seeing a growing trend amongst the traditional mobile device management (MDM) systems integrators and resellers, who are now experiencing an accelerated demand from their client base for secure communications and a solution to address emerging mobile threats.

Cyber adAPT is delighted to be at the forefront of providing such a solution – its ELITE Partner Program is on the fast track to delivering the training and insight necessary for partners to meet growing cybersecurity demands. We’re also pleased that what began as a US program has quickly expanded across EMEA, with our latest partner in South Korea.

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