These last few weeks have marked a very important milestone on the Cyber adAPT journey. A couple of research pieces added to the renowned Gartner global advisory library are beginning to focus in on the problem we are solving (and how we solve it) very well (IMO).

  • Critical Capabilities for High Security Mobility Management
  • Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions

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The problem is that both people and devices are now moving around too much for old fashioned, core security strategies to be effective. We need to remain connected to business resources on the network, in the cloud, on the go and all the time… from a constantly changing list of devices and operating systems.

‘People’ have this increasing sense of entitlement that they may choose which devices they use, preferring their own in many cases. Most expect to protect their own privacy while having uninterrupted, secure access to business services. And still many will work on the basis that it is not them who is accountable for a breach and if they can work around ‘security’ to improve their experience, they will.

Our customers tell us that as they embrace new digital business models, requirements for Productivity and Experience are sky rocketing, while sensitivity around Trust is fast becoming the critical issue for CEOs.

I like to think that these reports and subsequent research, will help CISO’s, CDO’s and CIO’s see that it’s not about MDM.  This is a more complex challenge to our security strategy that won’t be solved by having email and calendar data delivered over SSL to a single, approved OS.

One of our customers told us at an event this week how excited she was to see Cyber adAPT score higher than the billion-dollar market gorillas with years of acquisitions, unlimited marketing budgets and strong brand recognition.

We are a young, driven, innovative business that’s exclusively focused on securely enabling the mobile enterprise. With these latest Gartner research publications adding to our awards from this year already – we see it as a sign of more positive recognition to come.


  • Ranked 2nd in Gartner’s ‘High-Security Mobility Management’ report1
  • Highest score for ‘Hardened VPN’ from Gartner (higher than Blackberry, IBM and Check Point)
  • Gartner’s top 5 ‘Government Grade’ use case for High-Security Mobility3
  • One of 5 vendors globally to cover all 4 categories of Mobile Threat Defense2
  • Top 5 supplier for the interconnected Cloud ‘Shared Services’ use case4



1 Non Employee use cases from Gartner Capability Assessment for High-Security Mobile. Aug 2016

2 Gartner: Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions July 2016

3 Government Grade use cases from Gartner Capability Assessment for High-Security Mobile. Aug 2016

4 Shared Services/Cloud use cases from Gartner Capability Assessment for High-Security Mobile. 2016

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